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more you’re welcome thoughts: it’s so so sad that cordy goes through this whole episode knowing that she has so little time left with the people she loves. like in the beginning when she wakes up and everyone’s hugging her, she’s probably thinking that this is the last time she’ll ever get to do this. or when she addresses the jasmine issue for the first and only time with wesley and tells him she’s sorry and that “i just wanted to tell you before—”

or at the end when they’re going out to get drinks and she says “you guys go on — i’ll catch up” knowing that she’s never, ever going to see them again, because she doesn’t have time for long goodbyes, she has to devote what little time she has left to angel because the whole point of her coming back was to pull him out of backsliding

ughhhh i’m crying

loisfreakinglane asked
if cordelia chase existed in the dc universe, who would she be? would she have achieved her superstardom? would she be a superhero? would she be temporary secretary for a superhero? WHAT DO YOU THINK


There is actually a really great fic where Cordy is Bruce Wayne’s secretary, which I think is fitting since Batman and Angel share a lot of the same traits. 

But sometimes I play with the idea of Cordelia as an Amazon but I think she would get real tired of all the fighting real fast. Buffy is more cut out to be an Amazon.

Sometimes I like to think Cordelia is a Lantern. But I don’t think she would be a Green one. I think maybe Indigo because they are the ones based on compassion. But there is no way she would give up all her possessions willingly and live in poverty. Then again, she did it in canon. They were taken from her. I think the whole being able to feel every being in the universe fits in with a lot of what we see in canon. I think she could be an actress by day and Indigo Lantern by well…*avoids the obvious Blackest Night joke here* all the time.

Though sometimes I think of her support role with Angel and I lean towards Blue but let’s be honest, Cordelia is a hero in her own right and she’s nobody’s sidekick. Other times I think about her great capacity for love and you can see where this is going.

However in a world with dudes who can run faster than anything known to us, another dude rules a kingdom under the sea, and another guy is an alien, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility to make Cordelia a superheroine who flies, can see the future, feels compassion for all the universe’s creatures and feels their pain, can absorb the pain in the world and heal those affected but is also pretty badass at wielding a sword all while wearing a killer designer costume and a perfectly painted manicure. And as much as I love Cordy, her ego would make it so she would be like Tony Stark. She would want EVERYONE to know she was Vision Girl. 

I would love to talk with people about this though. Gimme your ideas! Replies/Discussion under Read more.

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