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Can you just talk to me about cordy cause I just got hot with all the feels about her



Cordelia Chase is my hero. But more importantly, Cordelia Chase wouldn’t consider herself a hero.

She’s flawed. She accepts herself. When she was in high school, she didn’t worry about sparing other’s feelings because she thought honesty was more important. She was willing to lose her popularity - which she had worked for - in order to maintain her honesty to herself. She was popular, yeah, but she didn’t get there by following the crowd. People just naturally flocked to her because of her strong opinions.

She’s not always right. But she doesn’t back down. Cordelia Chase doesn’t accept people telling her what she should and shouldn’t do. Cordelia refuses to give in to people and play the dumb stereotype - except when it’s to her advantage. She takes up space, she orders people around, she doesn’t disguise her opinions. She understands that her overbearing personality might intimidate some men, and she says - their loss.

She knows she’s important. It’s not that she thinks that she’s the most important, but she forces others to acknowledge her. Sometimes, she’s selfish. She knows this about herself.

Cordelia Chase literally felt the pain of the needy and her response was not to shy away but to run toward it even when she realized it would eventually kill her. Because, yeah, Cordelia’s important but so are other people, and if she wants to give her life for others that’s what she’ll do. She loves being needed.

She doesn’t apologize for who she is. She revels in it. She was a high school mean girl, and while she might feel bad for some of her actions, she draws on her strength to achieve good. She accepts the label “bitch”, knowing that to be called that means she’s doing something right. She’s strong. This frightens others.

It’s not a secret when she doesn’t like people, but she’s not petty. She wouldn’t turn away her worst enemy. She shelters the woman who betrayed her in high school and later became a creature of the darkness, because that’s who Cordelia is.

One must be moved by her. She’s there, caring, pushing, changing people. She doesn’t always know best, but she won’t sit idly by.

She would rather die than quit helping people.

She would rather lose herself than quit saving people.

But she wouldn’t consider herself a hero. She’s just doing her. It’s not really because of a quest for redemption, or a chosen duty, or a past trauma, or really anything like that. She fell into it and didn’t really want to stop. 

Cordelia Chase does what she does because she loves it, and she died loving it and the people she saved.